Friday, April 23, 2010

Ruth Reichl and other "foodie" books

I absolutely love Ruth Reichl.  Ruth is the former food critic for the NY Times and editor of Gourmet Magazine.  She has also written a variety of books, all of them worth reading.  I would recommend beginning with "Tender At the Bone:  Growing Up at the Table" and proceeding from there.  I must admit that I have yet to read her latest.  I'll be putting that on my Goodreads list soon.

I'm enough of a cooking geek that I admit to reading some cookbooks like others read novels.  Local cuisine books are fascinating, like the recent one from my husband's hometown of Belmond IA, created to honor the sesquicentennial for the town.  In it, there were 4 separate (but identical) recipes for "Pink Junk"(you know that pinkish jello stuff our grandmothers always made for Sunday dinners?  That stuff).
It is delightful!  One can surmise that politics entered into that cookbook-production!

I would love to know what some favorite books, cookbook or otherwise, are for the blog readers out there.  
Let us hear from you!

In the meantime, here is a link to Ruth Reichl's website listing of her books:

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