Sunday, April 18, 2010

First Aid in the Kitchen.....

As careful as I try to be, I seem to wound myself periodically in the kitchen. I guess if you slice and chop enough things it is bound to happen.
I want to make two points about safety, and one of them may seem counter-intuitive:
1) Keep your knives really sharp. I like lethally sharp. I think they are less dangerous when they are truly sharp, as the knife tends to slip into the object you are working with much easier. That brings me to
2) Keep some first-aid items in a convenient location in the kitchen. I moved some band-aids and finger cots into a storage drawer several years ago after dripping my way to the medicine cabinet to search for a band-aid. Put some supplies in an easy-to-reach place and try not to use them very often....
a selection of band-aids

finger cots are good for covering the band-aid and preventing
moisture saturation and/or leadage

...the reason why I was thinking about this.....ugh.

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