Friday, April 30, 2010

Cooking Class: California Grilling with Chef Jacqueline Buchanan

Central Market in San Antonio was the setting for a cooking class I attended this evening with my daughter, Natalie.

Chef Jacqueline Buchanan is a Culinary Instructor and chef at Laura Chenel's Cheve

The following feature was one of several delicious items served during the class.  It was also listed on the website, and I asked permission of the chef to write about the class on the blog, and was grated permission.

One of the points she made about this dish is that it is very accessible to any cook.

Antipasto of Grilled Eggplant Spirals with Fresh Chevre & Pesto

(Makes 16 appetisers)
½ cup of Laura Chenel’s Chef’s Chevre
2 Japanese eggplants
¾ c. pesto (can use prepared or your favorite recipe)
½ c. toasted pine nuts
1 T. Kosher Salt
¼ c. Olive Oil
Slice eggplant lengthwise into 1/8 “ slices
Salt eggplant and let purge for ½ hour – Blot dry
Toss with olive oil
Grill until eggplant is tender – Remove from grill and hold at room temperature
Spread eggplant slices with Laura Chenel’s chevre, top with pesto and toasted pine nuts
Roll and secure with toothpick
*These can be served plain at room temperature or warm with a marinara sauce.

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