Saturday, July 2, 2011

Loveless Cafe in Nashville, Tennessee

My family and I visited Nashville, Tennessee recently for a family wedding.  One of our favorite stops for breakfast is the Loveless Cafe.  Just the biscuits alone are worth the trip.

Scrambled eggs, pork with BBQ sauce and grits.  The flavors together were wonderful. And darn fine coffee.  The grits were just right, and you could see the grains and seeds in them.  Most people like these with butter, but I like my bowl with Splenda.  Oh so yummy delicious.

Someone at our table had Belgium waffles and they were light and fluffy

This is the menu choice that I was personally torn between "Sweet Potato Pancakes" and I got a couple of bites.  They were ever so wonderful, light, fluffy and flavorful. 

Here is one left over box to go - the most yummy biscuits that you will ever eat.  And let's not forget the jam!