Thursday, October 3, 2013

A Trip Down Coffee Lane in New York City!

Our first stop was 'Mud' and it is a charming place with seating inside and out in their patio. I love the sign.  I felt like I was stepping back into another time in my life.  The food was excellent, and they make a mean iced coffee too.
For lunch I had a bowl of their homemade granola, yogurt and fresh fruit and it was divine.  I would imagine their brunch menu would be divine!

We shared this quesidilla made with black beans and mango and it was excellent

I heard about The Big Gay Ice Cream Shop on the food channel, so being lovers of ice cream, we had to go and try it out!

We shared a 'Salty Pimp' and I would highly recommend it - vanilla, caramel, sea salt and dipped in chocolate.  It was well worth the subway ride.

Harney and Sons Tea Lounge in Soho, after a tiring day of walking, shopping and having fun.  Sit down for a brewed pot of tea and a cookie.  Divine.  An unbelievable variety of teas - we had Jasmine Pearl Tea.

The great wall of tea!
We took the subway over to Brooklyn for an arts festival.  Had a nice sandwich and a pretty darn wonderful latte at The Brooklyn Roasting Company. They had tables and living room settings inside an industrial building.  The coffee was smooth, rich and delicious.

A view of the Brooklyn Bridge
Between subways, we ran into this place with huge fabric donut pillows on the wall.  They make gourmet donuts.  Donut Plant - jelly donuts are square. We picked up a few and were on the run!

Stopped in for breakfast at The Popover Cafe

I had a bowl of oatmeal and this amazing light, fluffy and enormous popover with strawberry butter!  And a good cup of coffee!
Can you tell that breakfast is my favorite meal?  The Grey Dog Cafe.  A greeter shows you a bandana, and you have to remember the color, because that bandana is marking where your table is inside the restaurant.  You stand in line to order your breakfast.  We shared a spinach and feta cheese omelet, and some very delicious french toast with a side of fruit.
The latte, also amazing, on a very unique table top of an old map of NY
Birch Coffee.  I've actually had their coffee before, and they make a cold brew too, that you can make yourself and store in your frig for more coffee delights.

We both ordered their regular size latte.  It was the most delicious of all of the latte's that I had this week.  Hands down.  Should have ordered the larger size. I could have easily ordered a second, but I restrained myself.
And last, but certainly not least, breakfast at Irving Farm.  It's a long narrow place, like most NY establishments.  The best bakery section, with unusual morsels of goodness.  I had a rhubarb scone, and a cup of stick to your ribs oatmeal, and a vanilla latte.  I had heard that they make their own vanilla syrup, so I had to give it a try. Creamy deliciousness in a cup. I want to go back and have one of their muffins, and another vanilla latte.