Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Grinds Cafe, near Hanapepe, Kauai, Hawaii

We found this restaurant near  Hanapepe, and it didn't look like much from the outside, but the service and the food were another story.  Grinds Cafe. Their menu boasts  for their fresh and quality food, and not to be in a hurry to enjoy it.   Good coffee and very friendly service.  I had a hard time deciding what to have.  It was between the pancakes and an omelet.

Kalua pulled pork, spinach, onion and cheese omelet.  It's not folded over.  And it was delicious.  Needless to say, I did not consume the entire plate full.  About half was all I could eat, and I didn't want to stuff myself, because there was their own sourdough toast to eat.

A plate of yummy deliciousness

and this is the funny thing.  They give you grape jelly to put on your toast.  The Kuhio jelly factory is on Kauai, but hardly any of the restaurants offer it.  I guess the grinder would be considered a 'locals' place to dine.  Grinds on Yelp

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