Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Yum Cha Asian Eatery, Poipu, Kauai

Yum Cha Asian Eatery located at the Hyatt Golf Course.  We dined here five years ago when it first opened, and it was by far my most favorite restaurant that trip.  It was quiet, subtle decor, great service and each course was magical.  I love it, so my expectations were a bit high for this trip.  Would it be the same?

Menu that looked like wood.  Some text about the restaurant revealed that the original chef had moved on, which was disappointing.  The hostess said 'oh yea, it's not the same restaurant at all, changes have been made.'   I told myself to have an open mind.

and here is yet another version of the Lychee martini with Pomegranate

The dining room and bar (for the golfers).  We had dinner early, and the noise in the bar was quite loud, and kinda broke the ambiance of the restaurant, just a tad for me.

View of the golf course from our table

First course - Kalua Spring rolls (pork), which were great.  You wrap them in the lettuce, add some mint and dip in the sauce.

Bao tacos with duck, and this was utterly delicious.  The restaurant is starting to fill up at this point, and the most surprising thing is that it is filled with many families with children.  So, you can imagine the noise level at this point.

The sun went down, and do did all of the light around our table.  Szechuan Beef, with long beans and asparagus was wonderful.  Great flavors, textures and good seasonings.  Sorry about the photograph.  Everything we had here was terrific, lovely and beautifully made and presented.

Shrimp Tempura, with a delightful dipping sauce.  And the noise level was so out of control, that I could not get our leftovers packed up fast enough, to get out of there into the beautiful Hawaiian air.  I asked about the 'kid' part, and they told us that they have a really good childrens menu.  Go figure.  So, they turned their lovely innovative and even magical restaurant into an Asian free for all.  More about this restaurant on yelp.

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