Sunday, October 14, 2012

Plantation Gardens at the Kiahuna, Poipu Beach, Hawaii

The Plantation Gardens at the Kiahuna has always been a favorite of ours for dinner.  The restaurant has an outside porch for seating that overlooks their gardens.
This is a portion of the appetizer menu - we had the Plantation Style Sampler
and it was amazing, every bite, and flavor. The perfect amount of creamy delight, mixed with a bit of crunch

Seafood menu
I had the grilled fresh fish - Opah.  My plate arrived, and I thought the presentation was a bit much.  I thought the fish was the focus point, and not the sauce.  If you have to dress it up this much, that had to be an issue.  The fish was dry and maybe a bit overcooked, and lack good seasonings.  The bok choy was good thought.

Steve had Seafood Lau Lau, which after it was unwrapped, looked like they took all of the leftover fish and threw it in.  So unimpressed with this dinner.  The appetizer was the best part of this meal, and the Lychee pear martini.  This was one of our favorite restaurants on the island and we ate here twice last time we were here.  In hindsight, read the reviews on yelp first before making the dinner reservation

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