Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Welcome to our other obsession....

Cooking.  I guess you either love it or hate it.  Me?  I love it.  Fresh ingredients and a lot of love.
I believe cooking is an artful endeavor.  Few things make me as happy as preparing a wonderful meal for family and friends.
This blog was started by Jamie Fingal and myself, two artists who love to cook.  We have been joking about starting a blog called "What's For Dinner?" for a long time.  As luck would have it that title was already taken.  Since I've always liked the phrase, "Now You're cooking with gas", it seems perfect for our new blog.
We have a few ideas for this project.  We may invite guest bloggers in for some foodie contributions along the way.
Stay tuned!  Dinner At Eight Artists are really Cooking With Gas!


  1. Like you need one more thing to do! I'll add it to my list to read.

  2. Ha ha! I get bored easily.....
    Now I have another vehicle for my obsessive photography-habit!