Thursday, March 25, 2010

Fresh, fresh, fresh

Cooking great food does not have to be difficult. I think some people give up before they even consider cooking because they are intimidated. To me, some of the best things are the simplest: what could be better than roasted vegetables?
top rack: sliced mushrooms, onions, and greens which were tossed in olive oil
and seasoned with sea salt & freshly ground pepper
bottom rack: sliced tomatoes drizzled with olive oil, then seasoned with grated fresh
parmesano-reggiano cheese, salt & pepper

fresh ingredients brought home from the Farmer's market
I like to wash & prep most everything as soon as I bring it home.
That way, it is ready to eat!

Unfortunately, my kitchen looks like my studio: messy when I work!
Who cares? It all cleans up in no time.

Here's a little tip: if you have lettuce or other greens that are wilted, before you throw them away try this: fill a large bowl with ice water. Chop your lettuce (or other greens) into large chunks with a chef's knife and immerse the greens in the ice water for about 20 minutes. Chances are the greens will rehydrate and be good-as-new. Remove them from the ice-water bath and use your spinner to shake off the excess water. No spinner? No problemo: simply lay the greens out on several layers of kitchen towels, roll them up and swing the roll back and forth a few times. Unroll, and store your rehydrated greens in a storage bag with a paper towel inside. The paper towel will catch any leftover moisture so the greens won't begin to brown at the edges. Refrigerate.


  1. Oh my gosh, great minds think alike. I roasted some veggies this afternoon. Carrots and Kale.

  2. Yummy! The photos are fantastic! I have gone organic, and I don't usually even cook. So I am learning to cook in a very different way. It requires a different style of shopping too. One of my favorites so far is the roasted vegi's. Last night, potatoes, fennel, sweet onions, squash, olive oil, tomatoes, basil, and pepper. Delicious!