Thursday, September 20, 2012

Dining Out in NYC

I ventured to NYC recently to visit my daughter and attend a quilting event.  One of my daughter's favorite places to dine is Alice's Tea Cup - delightful restaurant.  Great menu with sandwiches, salads, and yummy pastries.

This is a lemon berry scone and the most delicious scone that I've ever had.  We ordered their signature tea, and it was absolutely magical.  The entire experience transported me to another world for just an hour.

As we shopped, walked and ate good food, there was always time to stop for a cup of coffee at Starbucks.  And like Seattle, there is one on every corner, it seemed.

Blueberry pancakes with blood orange syrup at Max Brenner's is my all time favorite breakfast spot.  The three of us split a salted caramel shake, which was divine.
They have a sweet and savory menu.  Sandwiches made with waffles!  Their coffee was the most delicious and smooth tasting coffee of the entire trip, and it is served with heavy whipping still my heart.
Starbucks Lemonade and Passion Tea, after a long and hot walk from the Container Store, to the Subway at Columbus Circle, to where we were going.  Came out of the subway, and there was Starbucks, just in time to quench our thirst.
Starters for our meal at The Green Table in Chelsea Market.  The best macaroni and cheese that I have ever had the pleasure to eat.  I don't generally like it, but this had unusual cheeses in it, like Goat Cheese.  It was simply divine.  A very nice cheese sampling with grapes, raspberries, and honey to compliment the cheese.  We also shared a Caprese salad.  For the entree, we each had something different, and shared a bite with one another.  Burger, Flat Iron Steak and a Chicken Pot Pie.  Dessert was a three some of their homemade ice cream and coffee.
The perfect place for after the theatre.  Cafe Lalo, which was featured in the movie "You've Got Mail" where Meg Ryan waits to meet her on-line fellow, with a rose and a copy of the book "Pride and Prejudice."  We each had something different.  This is a mixed berry tart, and it was velvety smooth and delicious.  The peanut butter pie, which I did not take a picture of - was the cats meow.
The outside of Max Brenner's - brown for chocolate.  They have a store inside too.

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