Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Simple and delicious: beautiful fresh peaches and a fresh tomato salad

It is so easy to eat beautiful, delicious food in the summer!

Here is a slightly different way to make a summer salad that tastes fresh and delicious:
2 ripe tomatoes, sliced
mixed greens
basil leaves, preferably sliced into thin ribbons
fresh vinaigrette (grapeseed oil, splash of balsamic vinegar, salt and pepper)  well shaken

Slice tomatoes.  In a salad bowl, toss greens with vinaigrette.  Place greens on a serving plate.
Slice the basil into thin strips.  Place tomato slices over greens.  Salt and pepper tomatoes, then sprinkle the basil over the top.  Serve.

Beautiful ripe peaches
These are halved and a blackberry is nestled in the core of each one.
Presentation can add a special touch to the simplest of food.

Take advantage of the fresh bounty of summer!
Eating well does NOT have to be complicated.  

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