Monday, December 20, 2010

Central Market Spice Shopping

I'm so fortunate to be living near a Central Market!  Central Markets are the high-end, gourmet versions of the HEB market chain in South-Central Texas.  Anyone who has been in a CM knows what I'm talking about:  wide varieties of fresh everything!
I made a trip this afternoon when I was preparing to make a large batch of curry powder and discovered I was out of cumin seed.  An inventory of my spice cabinet informed me that I needed to toss a number of things and obtain fresh.  I love going to Central Market because most any spice you need is in bulk.  I like this because it is always fresh, I can buy a small amount, and replace outdated spice regularly without a grain of guilt.
a lovely selection of heirloom tomatoes

my curry mix being toasted in a pan prior to grinding in a mini food processor

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