Friday, July 16, 2010

Easy fig appetizer or dessert

It is fig-season in South Texas and this is a banner year.  The conditions have been perfect for large, juicy figs.  Lucky me:  I have friends with fig trees!

As I have an embarrassment of figs at the moment, I threw these little morsels together for an easy dessert to serve my family last night.  Everyone agreed that they were wonderful!

fresh, ripe figs
soft goat cheese (chevre)
lemon curd (or substitute a fruit preserve of your choice)

Look at these beauties!  Aren't they gorgeous?

Small dollops of goat cheese is stuffed into the center of the fig,
and a very small (think 1/4 to 1/2 tsp) amount of lemon curd is layered over the cheese.

All of this takes approximately 15 seconds to construct.  They would make great, colorful little "bites" for a party.  For me, they were a perfect ending to a nice meal.  The figs are sweet and very little is needed to make them into a tasty dessert.

Another lovely way to serve figs is to quarter them and serve them on arugula salad accompanied by freshly roasted red beets and herbs.  Enjoy them while they are in season!

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