Friday, July 16, 2010

Cold-brewed Vietnamese-style iced coffee

Cold-brewed coffee involves steeping ground coffee in cold water.  The following recipe is adapted from an article in Food & Wine magazine.

4 1/2 cups cold water
8 oz coarsely ground dark roast coffee
half & half *

In a bowl, stir 8 oz coarsely ground coffee into 4.5 cups cold water

I used a zeroed food scale to measure my ground coffee.
What can I tell you?  I wanted to be accurate!

Press the ground coffee so that it is well moistened

Cover, let stand at room temperature for 24 hours

Pour grounds and water through a fine strainer

If possible, allow the grounds to continue to strain
as you will get more liquid

Pour 2 oz half and half, 4 oz milk, spoon sweetener to taste,
and add 6 oz strained coffee into a glass.
Mix thoroughly.  Add ice.

This is my preferred sweetener, but sugar or Splenda will do just as well

*Note:  the original recipe called for use of 2 oz sweetened condensed milk.  That really didn't sound good to me, and I'm watching my intake of sugar, so I substituted with half and half and a non-calorie sweetener.

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  1. This is the coffee recipe you both were talking about at Long Beach! I can't wait to try it! thanks