Sunday, January 9, 2011

Easy BBQ Chicken

I found this recipe quite by accident, when Sue Tincher Maib left a comment on my Twisted Sister blog.  She had created a piece for the blog They Draw They Cook .  It only has 3 ingredients; 1 can of Diet Dr. Pepper, 1 cup of Catsup and 4 boneless chicken breasts.  Put everything in a covered skillet and simmer for 45 minutes.  It is amazing - great flavor and tender chicken. Yummy delicious and easy!  Pair it with some baked beans and a green veggie and you have dinner!  Variation on the theme; saute a chopped sweet onion in the skillet first with a smidge of olive oil, add chicken, Dr. Pepper and Catsup, half way through cooking add your favorite pre-cooked veggie, like peas and then some pre-cooked rice.  Let it simmer till all of the flavors mix together.

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